Monday, July 21, 2014

Golden Girls and Helping Hands

So this week was a little all over the place and went by both very slow and very fast at the same time.
I am very frustrated at the moment because I bought an adapter to connect my camera card to the computer, but now this computer I am using is saying that the folder with all of my pictures is empty.  It is not empty.  There are photos in it.  Lots of photos.  But it wont let me access them.  So it is yet ANOTHER WEEK without current photos. :(((((   (Editor's note:  Will use some of Ashley's extra pictures of Rome).

Me with Marcus Aurelius, my great+ grandfather
I can see the resemblance!
Call from the Pres
Last Monday I was told I was being called as an STL.  The telephone conversation went like this:
     "Hello President, how are you?"
     "I am doing good.  Are you ready for your transfer call?"
     "Wait.  Really?"
     "Yes.  It happens sometimes that the Lord decides to make a change.  Are you ready?"
Right about here I am shaking in my boots because I DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE ROME PER NIENTE!  But President has been known for emergency transferring people, and he is very well known for switching missionaries to a different city for their very last transfer.  Sorella O'Connor was in Siracusa for 2 transfers and was transferred her very last transfer.  Dun dun dun.
     "Ok, I am ready," I say.
     "Sorella Nef, the Lord has called you to be a Sister Training Leader for the Rome West Zone...."
IS THAT ALL THIS IS ABOUT?!  President Waddoups.  Always keeping us on our toes.

Family Search
This week has been all about Genealogy.
•  We did a Young Women's Family History activity last
    Monday evening.
•  We did a Genealogy Training talk in District Meeting.
•  We have had lessons on it every other day during
    the week.
We are getting EVERYONE to the Temple.

Aaaah, the lady at this Internet point just said she is trying to close early.  CURSES!

John Keats' Grave

Came across the grave of John Keats in a Protestant cemetery.
I forgot that he was buried in Rome.  "Here lies a man whose name was written in water."

Randon City Pics of Rome
Random Pyramid in the middle of the city
Vespa inside the Church.  Go figure.

Statue on Bridge leading to Vatican
Piazza Campidoglio

Golden Girls
Me and Arianna.  She's the greatest!
Well, the biggest miracle of the week was Erika and Arianna.  We had a lesson with them on Thursday.   Arianna is the girl I taught about a month or two back.  Erika is in the same boat as Arianna - mom does not want her to join the Church.  Erika is 16 and Arianna is 14.  Both are friends of the Celestini family in the ward.

The girls' introduction to the Church came about when the Celestini family invited them to seminary because the boys of the family were always late to class from hanging out.  Sister Myers, the seminary teacher said, "Well, then why don't you just bring them with you?"  So they did.  These girls are INCREDIBLE.  Upon our meeting up to teach them this week, we asked what they wanted to talk about.  "Baptism!" they answered.

They are reading the Book of Mormon every day.  Erica had a physical copy she was reading that her mother took away.  So she downloaded a copy and is reading it on her iPod.  They meet up with their friends in parks to read together and discuss the gospel.  They bear testimony to other friends, to their parents, cousins - anyone who will listen.  Erika's dad is all for her investigating the Church, but he is separated from the mom and can't influence her really.  But he came with Erika to a baptism we had on Saturday, and wants to learn more himself.  Here's hoping!

But, yeah, Erika and Arianna are the coolest.  Golden.  They have asked us missionaries to pray and even fast for them to help soften their moms' hearts.  And Arianna already says her mom is changing.  Before, she wouldn't even let her talk about the Church.  Now the mom is reading the Book of Mormon and saying Arianna can get baptized at 15 instead of waiting until she turns 18.  Progress!

Saturday's Baptism
There was a baptism on Saturday for 11 year-old Sariah.  She is adorable, and I got to translate the Restoration DVD for a Romanian girl in attendance.

Mormon Helping Hands
We had a Mormon Helping Hands Service project on Saturday morning.  Pulled some weeds.  I went at it with a shovel like I learned from Dad.  You're the man!  :)

(Editor's Note:  Will retro-fit pictures of this activity when Ashley sends them).

Worker Bee Gets Hives
Unfortunately, I think I was allergic to something because Saturday evening I broke out in some raging hives.  There were little patches on and off throughout the day, but then at the end of the baptism, Anziano Quaresima came up to me and said in his thick Italian accent, "Sorella Nef, your face is turning purple!"

Five minutes later, while discussing some member stuff with the Rome 6 Elders, Anziano Sorgiacomo stopped mid sentence and said, "Sorella Nef, it's getting worse.  You need to see Sorella Millett (the nurse)."

Bee stained glass in a Cathedral
I was ITCHING LIKE CRAZY!! Then a potential investigator showed up, so we had to run back inside the Church to introduce him to the Assistants.  The Assistants took one look at me and the smiles fell off their faces as they said, "Yeah.  You better go."

So they ran me to the pharmacy for some meds.  Got home and looked in the mirror.  Sure enough, I was purple!  I almost looked like Violet Beauregarde on Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory when she was turning into a blueberry.  Hives are gross.  Luckily I was fine and dandy come Sunday morning.  Really tired, but better.  Feeling 100% today.  :)

I figure Sorella Waddoups always says, "Be the best you can BEE!"  So I just got some hives.

Well, got to buzz.  The Internet lady is mad at meeeee and is kicking me out.  Sorry this is so sparse, friends.

Love you all so much,
Sorella Ashley Nef

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